General Election 2012 Official and Complete Results

General Election 2012 Official and Complete Results

The results of the November 6th general election are shown below. A runoff election for the District 5 Board of Education (At Large) seat will be held December 4th.

italics : run off candidates

bold : winning candidates

* : Incumbents

Office Representing Democrats Republicans
Board of Education Countywide (District 5) Vickie Persons 2330 Bonnie Caldwell
April G. Harper
Clerk of Superior Court Countywide Bootie Goodrich* 4843
Coastal Soil & Water Conservation Countywide Sharita L. Armstrong 2082 Bob Monroe* 3201
Coroner Countywide Melvin Amerson* 5043
Probate/Magistrate Judge Countywide Teresa Jennings*
Sheriff Countywide Charles Jones 2683 Steve Jessup* 3653
Tax Commissioner Countywide Jason L. Alston 2486 Wanda Nelson* 3754
Board of Education District 2 – North Darien Joe Maulden* 1022
County Commissioner District 2 – North Darien Boyd Gault 573 David Stevens* 794
Board of Education District 4 – North McIntosh Sonya Lumly 1404
County Commissioner District 4 – North McIntosh Owen Greene 700 Bill Watson 1086