County Precincts

Darien (1771st) Darien Fire Station Located on Highway 17, 900 Northway, Darien GA 31305 (map)

North Darien (271st) Darien Church of God Gym Located  1140 Blounts Crossing, Darien, GA 31305 (map)

Townsend (1480) Townsend Fire Station, Located 2352 Church of God Rd NW, Townsend, GA

Cresent (1515th) Crescent Fire Station Located on 1127 Old Trail Rd NE, Townsend, GA

South Newport (22nd) Morgan Chapel Church Social Hall Located 3308 Shellman Bluff Rd NE, Townsend, GA

Sapelo Island (1312th) Sapelo Senior Citizens Building 2337 East/West Autobahm Rd, Sapelo Is, GA

Contact: Election Supervisor,  Elenore “Doll” Gale at (912) 437-6605